Otoplasty - Ear Surgery

If you believe you have a condition such as trauma, skin cancers, torn earlobe, or keloid affecting the ear, a consultation with Dr. Reid can help determine the kind of surgery needed.

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is a corrective system to enhance the presence of a man's ears. Despite the fact that otoplasty does not influence hearing, it can give incredible mental advantages to any individual who has been prodded about the size or state of their ears, has had genuine ear damage, or just needs to enhance their appearance. Ear surgery for youngsters or grown-ups can set noticeable ears back nearer to the head and decrease the measure of substantial ears. Surgery may likewise be useful for "trim ear," "measured ear" and "shell ear," expansive or extended ear cartilage, and flaps with wrinkles. The method keeps going from a few hours and might be performed in a healing center, office-based office or an outpatient surgery focus under general or nearby anesthesia.