Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty is any one of several plastic surgical procedures used to improve the contour of the abdomen. It involves removing skin below the umbilicus (belly button), isolating the belly button, then elevating and advancing the skin above the umbilicus to reach the lower abdomen. The belly button is then replaced in the re-draped skin. The muscle layer under the skin most likely may also need to be tightened. This is a much more invasive procedure compared to liposuction of the abdomen, but the results are more dramatic. There is a resultant scar in the lower abdomen with this procedure. Non-urgent medical condition such as umbilical or ventral hernias can be treated at the time and is performed by a general surgeon.

 Are You A Candidate for Tummy Tuck? Males and females are candidates for Abdominoplasty, but this procedure is often sought by female after they are done with childbirth and seeks rejuvenation of the certain areas of the abdomen due to pregnancy.

 What To Expect After Tummy Tuck: Swelling, bruising, and discomfort. There are methods to minimize some of the discomfort. Drains which are tubular strings attached to a small collection device are placed as part of the surgery and are removed shortly in the post-surgery period. With Abdominoplasty there is the possibility of abnormal scarring, asymmetry, and possible need for revision surgery